Waves, Vincent Narducci, Electronic Art, 2011.

Using the veneer of a retro space shooter, Waves attempts to distinguish itself from a video game by tweaking the rules of normal games. Audio samples such as cymbals, toms, basslines, and vocal singing, along with abstract snippets of sound, are added to and removed from the mix by events such as firing from the "baseship", streaks of successive hits, collisions, and rapid movement.

It is impossible to die in the piece, and successive waves of increasingly fast colored dots continue to "attack" as time continues. An arbitrary score is also accumulated. The piece ultimately ends once the user decides to let a wave make it off of the screen. This piece may not have completely disassociated from the trope of "game" vs "art," but exploring the distinction between the two was the parameter for the piece.

From Lee Montgomery's Intermediate Art Class.

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